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Performing Arts Car Park (P1) is closed

Samuel Wagan Watson

From Story Act 1, 2016

6 min watch

Award winning poet Samuel Wagan Watson reflects on the South Brisbane of his childhood and his family’s history in the place where QPAC now stands.

In this short video interview, Samuel Wagan Watson expands on the themes in his written piece for Story, but also recites his work Love Poem, giving us greater insight into where he draws his writing inspiration.

Read the full article in Story.


He had L O V E tattooed across his clenched right fist, followed

by P O E M, etched in a vagabond’s quill, across the other. And

with these fists coming at you in unison, you copped a taste of his,

LOVE POEM. He walked the crooked lines of this world,

straightening them out with a little, LOVE POEM. “My old man fixed

the world with his fists…in his memory I have a little, LOVE

POEM…” He’d start out with the POEM and then he’d flourish it

with some LOVE, his one-two, two-one strategies with bloody

tattooed gloves. He no longer used his real name, just the

combination of slugs, LOVE POEM, LOVE POEM, POEM,LOVE ,

LOVE POEM, LOVE POEM, POEM,LOVE…This hard, crooked

world could use some tenderizing, with a little LOVE POEM, LOVE


Copyright© 2005 by Samuel Wagan Watson

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