A palace, a ball and a magic mirror

Thierry Leproust, set designer

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Born in 1948 in the Nièvre department, Thierry Leproust studied at the Boulle School interior design, design and sculpture.

Alongside his work as a visual artist, he began a career as a set designer for opera, theatre, dance and cinema in 1983. Since 1975, he has regularly exhibited his visual art in France and abroad where his works form part of a number of public and private collections. He has already produced the settings for many creations by Angelin Preljocaj: Amer America (1990), La Peau du Monde (1992), Le Parc (1994), L'Anoure and L'Oiseau de feu (1995), Casanova (1998), Le Sacre du printemps (2001), Le Songe de Médée (2004).

At the beginning, I had the idea of a palace, a ball and a magic mirror. Thierry proposed several scenery settings to represent each place. That gave us a first track on which to build the story. Angelin Preljocaj

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