Five fabulous minutes with Reuben Kaye

Find out more about the star of The Kaye Hole

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The Kaye Hole is a scintillating adults-only cabaret show hosted by the one and only Reuben Kaye.

We caught up with the acclaimed comedian and cabaret icon between gigs in our Cremorne Theatre for a no holds barred insight into this outrageous star who is described as “the evil love child of Liza Minnelli and Jim Carrey” (British Theatre Guide).

Reuben Kaye

Q: Hi Reuben, welcome to Brisbane. What are your thoughts on the city so far?

A: Brisbane is an incredible city that gets maligned by the rest of the nation. But here we are in a city that has boomed over the last few years. Great food, great art, and the nightlife here is next level.

Q: How have you and the cast settled into the building?

A: We've nestled into the Cremorne quite nicely. The cast of An American In Paris have become accustomed to a 7ft tall drag queen screaming down the halls between numbers. I can't wait to see how the Frozen cast react.

Q: What are your favourite reactions from the audience?

A: I think the best moments are the laughs. I'm addicted to a good laugh or a giggle that stands out. When one person has a great laugh they make a show and suddenly I'm cracking up, the audience feeds off it and then it just becomes this joyful, vicious circle. And we've had a few this season already.

Q: Where do you get your fashion inspiration from?

A: I could say Gaultier and Mugler, I could say Balenciaga and Walter Van Bierendonk. I could say Weslah and The Blondes. Or I could just say Apocalyptic Opshop Scavenger Hunt after micro dosing mescaline. Dealer's choice.

Reuben Kaye singing

Q: What is one thing in your make-up kit you couldn’t do without?

A: Luck

Q: What music would be on your play list on a road trip?

Why would I ever go on a road trip? Am I being pursued by the feds? Is this like Thelma & Louise? Do I get to have sex with Brad Pitt? Answer the last question first.

Q: What are your top three favourite movies?

Some Like It Hot


Death Becomes Her

And I'll chuck in The Lobster for good measure!

Q: What advice would you give to those wanting a career in Show Biz?

A: Do it! F##k the fear or uncertainty. It's the tenacity and courage that will make you. The world needs artists of all kinds now more than ever.

Q: Do you have any New Year resolutions?

A: To not succumb to peer pressure by making unachievable goals. How about we all just get through the next few months before we start thinking about completely changing our lives!

Reuben Kaye

Q: What inspires you every day? 

My own beauty, brains and humility. Thank you for this interview. Now if you don't mind I have a Water Polo team that aren't going to oil up themselves.

With banter like that as just a taster, you won’t want to miss Reuben’s award-winning show The Kaye Hole. Make sure you get a ticket before this sizzling show leaves town!


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