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Face masks are a requirement of entry at QPAC

Children on board the Carnival of Animals

Queensland kids learn the ropes and share the stage with the internationally acclaimed Circa

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For the first time ever in Australia, Circa’s Carnival of the Animals will have an inspiring group of young artists joining the Company’s world-famous acrobats on stage, making this show bigger and better than before!

Seventeen Queensland children aged from seven to 15 years were selected to learn the ropes and take to the stage in this captivating family favourite.

Local children have been featured in Carnival of the Animals only once before in Montreal. So this is the first time we get to experience this reimagined production, with an extended duration and the young artists tumbling, leaping and balancing alongside the ensemble of professional Circa acrobats, right here in the company’s home town of Brisbane.

We caught up with the children during a rehearsal to find out how they feel about this opportunity.

“It’s an exciting experience, a really great opportunity. It’s really fun for me to try new things and new stunts. It has really helped me not to feel nervous about performing on stage, I am more confident.” Erianthe (aged 10)

“Working with the Circa artists makes me feel proud and happy, like I can accomplish anything.” Cristina (aged 10)

“It’s a good experience. I get to work with new people, learn new techniques and have fun.” Brax (aged 11)

“I feel very excited and proud. I will be a little bit nervous but will pump myself up. It is great to learn with such professionals. I think everyone should do circus.”
Madison (aged 12)

Children in circus pose with Circa acrobat
Children in the show pose with a Circa acrobat.

And here’s what the young circus stars-to-be say about why people should see the show:

“People who see it might want to start doing circus. They might think ‘It’s so cool, I want to have a go and try that’.” - Erianthe  

“It’s fun, interesting and amazing – kids and adults working together as a team. There’s lots of colour and cool tricks.” - Cristina  

“People can come and be inspired to do circus or just watch and have fun.” Brax  

The Circa acrobats also love working with the children.

“The kids are fantastic. They’re super energetic talented little performers. It’s really a pleasure to work with them.” Ash Youren, Circa Ensemble Member

“The children are beautiful and energetic. Their energy is inspiring. I started circus when I was four years old, so I know how important it is to start early. This feels like we are giving back to the community and it’s great to facilitate learning for the young ones.” Rhiannon Cave Walker, Circa Ensemble Member

A final word from Rowan Heydon-White, Head of Circus at Circa.

“They are all incredible. It’s inspiring to see how much young circus talent there is in Brisbane and surrounds. In the audition it was a very tough choice, there were so many talented youngsters, I wish we could’ve taken twice the number of kids.

“The children we are working with are so talented, I see the next Circa Ensemble in them,” she says.

See the kids take to the stage in our Playhouse from 29 June to 2 July.

Hear from the young stars and check out some rehearsal pics below:


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