Edition Twelve

Friday, 28 August 2020

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This week we have a special performance by guitarist Karin Schaupp, music and movement from our friends at QSO, and for anyone who has been baking in isolation – The Kransky Sisters are here for you.

Karin Schaupp performs classical guitar favourites

Guitarist, Karin Schaupp is one of Australia’s favourite classical musicians. Here she performs three evocative solo guitar works that have featured in some of her many concert performances at QPAC.

Circa – Leviathan
In this podcast, Australian writer, actress and producer Robyn Butler and her husband, actor Wayne Hope, talk about the qualities needed to succeed in the arts.

Music and Movement
QSO musicians Nicholas Thin and Sonia Wilson and dancer Tim Terton bring music and movement together in a local Brisbane park.


Behind the Scenes

Behind the curtain with Shake and Stir
Actor and creative Nelle Lee talks about the importance of collaboration in the development of the company’s production of Jane Eyre.

The Kransky Sisters – Isolation Bake
Wondering how our favourite kooky sisters from Esk have weathered the pandemic? Join The Kransky Sisters for the saga of their Isolation Bake.

Stories Behind the Ballet
Be captivated by the inspiring stories of Queensland Ballet dancers and stunning images of this beautiful artform in Pas magazine.

Working Behind the Scenes – Publicity and Content Manager
Michaela Tynan is a Publicity and Content Manager at QPAC. Her role involves supporting the promotion of productions and performances and managing relationships with media.

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