Pongsaporn Upani

Find out more about Pongsaporn Upani – Guest Artist for JADE’s premiere concert, Crystal Moonlight

Pongsaporn Upani (aka On) is a traditional Thai reed mouth organ (Khaen) player from Khon Kaen Thailand.

His performance style, inspired by a deep inherited tradition of Isan folk music from Northeast Thailand, fuses seamlessly with contemporary styles and genres, giving him a rare capacity to work across cultures and art forms.

Pongsaporn is currently completing a Bachelor of Arts, majoring music and folk dance at Khon Kaen University. His extensive career as a performing artist has seen him present as a soloist and in collaboration with other artists throughout Thailand and internationally in North America, Asia and Europe. Pongsaporn is also a YouTube sensation with appearances on national talent shows, including performances for Thai government officials and royalty at home and abroad.

Pongsaporn Upani is a guest artist for QPAC’s ensemble in residence, JADE, in their premiere concert, Crystal Moonlight.