Life Hacks

From Story Act 1, 2017

The idea of hacking comes to us via the world of computers and code but is now used broadly to describe ways to subvert any system.

Life hacks are prolific across the internet with everyone from celebrities to bloggers to Aunt Gertrude’s cat offering low - budget tips to improve our time management, make up prowess, storage capability of our wardrobes, or previously unthought-of uses for everyday objects. In this spirit, here are some tips from our varied QPAC experts.

John Buswell
John Buswell
Customer Insights & Research Analyst

Talk Data to us…

If someone quotes a percentage or a fraction, convert it to a ratio (17% is approximately 1 in 6). It makes you sound smart (or pretentious) and also forces you to think about what’s being said. (Vice versa works too, if someone quotes a ratio, convert it to a percentage).

Robyn Gander
Robyn Gander
Ticketing and Client Services Manager

What’s the best seat in a theatre?
At the bar! Actually, it’s a personal preference and depends on the show of course. People often think front row is best but it usually isn’t in terms of acoustics and view. My favourite row is stalls row E.

E. Roger Leong
Roger Leong
Senior Web Developer

2016’s best App or new gadget?

Google Photos for images backup (IOS and Android) and Dyson V8 handheld vacuum for busy families!

Kim Thiel
Kim Thiel
Protocol Manager (Board Liaison)

Biggest Faux Pax to commit in front of a dignitary?

So much can go wrong! If your theatre seat is on the other side of a VIP… best not to attempt the shimmy past but make your way to the other side via an aisle. A butt to the face of a celebrity or VIP is not particularly elegant. Also it’s so easy to fall into their laps… yes it has happened.

Cindy Ullrich
Cindy Ullrich
Publicity Manager

What's your best pitching tip?
Know your stuff and keep it short… succinct, succinct, succinct is they key (although repeating it 3 times seems to break my own rule). Whenever you pitch anything to anyone, make it personalised, timely and a perfect fit for them.


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