Face masks are a requirement of entry at QPAC

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Face masks are a requirement of entry at QPAC

Quirky shines at QPAC

The Real and Diverse Theatre ensemble stepped onto stage to showcase, celebrate and empower its artists and community

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At its best, the arts is a safe place for all to participate in and experience. Quirky, Real and Diverse (RAD) Theatre’s inaugural creation supported by Centacare, exemplified how the arts can shine a light on a creative and diverse cast of artists to deliver an uplifting and inspiring arts experience.

Set to Nicole Murphy’s original score performed by Queensland Symphony Orchestra, the debut production tied together the ensemble members’ expression of their experiences throughout the past two years in a performance exploring notions of community, connection, vulnerability, and the importance of interaction.

RAD Theatre ensemble perform the wedding scene in QuirkyRAD Theatre ensemble performing in Quirky.

Director Clark Crystal said the chance to premiere Quirky at QPAC was a happy culmination to the cast’s work putting the show together over the past 12 months and an important moment for the artists.

“We work with all capacities and people’s talent, and we want to highlight and celebrate that talent.”

“The aim is to give a platform – a stage – to people who would not generally get a platform to perform on. It’s about giving confidence, opportunity, and a source of empowerment to those involved.”

“Pulling the show together is like building a jigsaw puzzle. It’s all these beautiful pieces that we fit together and, in this production, it’s the music that is the driving motif for the work created.”

Brian Lucas and JaredClark and Jared.

“The best part is watching the RAD artists show off on stage, celebrate and connect with the audience. They connect through their emotions, and I think the audience feels that.

“QPAC has a fantastic team – the technicians, the front-of-house, the producers – and they really care about their work and that they give the best opportunity to the artists that come here. It’s a privilege to work with all the staff at QPAC.”

Jared performing in QuirkyJared performing in Quirky.

Member of the ensemble, Jared, said Quirky was an exciting opportunity for him and the rest of the cast to step into the spotlight.

“I love performing – it feels great!

“The thing I like most about it is how we all come together and work as a team to put on the show.”

And when asked what he hoped audiences left the theatre with after experiencing the production, he said:

“I hope they take away… just the magic of it.”

See some more pics from the production in the gallery and hear from Lyndal, who played a puppeteer in the production, on how she created her own puppets for the show in the clip below.


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