Noonan and Son

Katie Noonan’s son Dexter chats with us about what it’s like growing up and making music with his mum

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This Sunday 8 May 2022 is a hotly anticipated date for two reasons: Mother’s Day (of course) and Katie Noonan’s performance in our Concert Hall for Joni Mitchell’s Blue 50th Anniversary concert. 

The five-time ARIA award-winning artist will commemorate the anniversary of the landmark album accompanied by a stellar five piece band – among them, her own son, Dexter Hurren on drums. 

We spoke with Dexter about what it’s like having an acclaimed musical mother and what it means to be joining her on stage for the concert.

Dexter Hurren and Katie Noonan
Image supplied.

How does it feel to be playing the drums on stage with your mum, Katie Noonan?

“I think that because I’ve been surrounded by music my whole life, I’m unable to really grasp how lucky I am.”

Have you always wanted to be a musician?

“Not always. I started taking drum lessons in year seven and I was so lucky to have Leigh Clarke as my teacher. He introduced me to a bunch of awesome things that were like a foundation upon which my current music taste grew. Before then, I was really unsure of what I wanted to pursue career-wise.”

What was the first musical instrument you played?

“I started learning guitar in year one. It’s kinda funny but I expected to get really good without practising that much and was discouraged when that wasn’t the case.”

What was it like growing up in such a musical family?

“My folks were always playing music in the house. I got to see so much awesome music for free, and they’ve been trying their best to pass on their insight throughout my last few years of development.”

What is the best thing about playing the drums?

“It’s really, really fun. I go into this world of complete focus where I’m fully occupied and at peace. I can be full of adrenaline and really calm at the same time.”

Dexter playing the drums
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What are the best things about your Mum?

“She’s willing to engage in an insane amount of work and stress and uncertainty so that me and my brother can live an awesome life. She never forced any musical stuff on me but rather let me do my thing and I naturally inherited my folks’ love for music.”

Have you ever played at QPAC before? How does it feel to know you will play here?

“I haven’t. It’s exciting. It feels like a real privilege and it makes me want to do well.”

The gig you are playing with your Mum at QPAC is on Mother’s Day 8 May – do you have any plans to spoil her on that day and if so what are you doing? 

“I don’t wanna mess with the surprise haha.”

Looking for something to do this Mother’s Day? Limited seats are still available to join Katie and Dexter for Joni Mitchell’s Blue 50th Anniversary concert. 


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