School is still out, so jump online with QPAC

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These extended school holidays there are plenty of online offerings from QPAC to save parents from the inevitable cries of “we’re bored, what can we do...”

Kids can jump online and watch behind the scenes videos, hear from artists as they prepare and rehearse for performances, sing along with playlists curated by performers, meet the creatives behind some of our productions, and get to know some of the QPAC Team and what their jobs are.

We love sharing more about what it takes to get a production to the stage, providing insight into the creative and rehearsal process and helping you learn more about the artists and teams who bring the magic to our stages.

Here are some great videos that let you sneak behind the QPAC curtain and get to know us and our artists a little better:

Find out more about what it takes to make a production Get inside the minds of the creatives
Enjoy some stand-out performances Discover Queensland’s performing arts history
Learn about what it’s like to work at QPAC  Get to know some of the artists who have performed at QPAC
Head behind the scenes Hear from artists on making art
Dig deeper into the world of Boy Swallows Universe with Trent Dalton Cook with a QPAC Chef



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