A Look at Circus in a Tea Cup

Hear from the cast of this collaboration between Vulcana Circus and survivors of gender-based abuse

3 min watch

Circus in a Tea Cup was an exquisitely beautiful contemporary circus performance in our Cremorne Theatre, in which Vulcana Circus ensemble members collaborated with survivors of gender-based abuse to tell true stories of recovery, resilience and triumph.

Of the power of circus to express deeper truths, Vulcana Artistic Director Celia White says:

“One of our performers said ‘we want this show to be a warning. We can’t wait for policy, we can’t wait for violence to just evaporate. We have to take action’.”

Hear more from Celia, and see what some of the cast had to say about their experience with the life-changing project.

The 2021 season was presented by QPAC in partnership with Vulcana Circus and Brisbane Domestic Violence Service as part of Micah Projects. It was supported by the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland.



Acknowledgement of Traditional Custodians

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