Bolshoi Ballet Conversation Series 2013: Interpretation, integrity and the Russian form

Three discussions about the history, modernisation and meaning of ballet

Dig deeper and get a little closer to the art of dance in the Bolshoi Ballet Conversation Series facilitated by Professor Susan Street, who was the first Australian to be awarded the title of Professor on the basis of her teaching, research and scholarship in dance.

What's the Point(e)?

Kristen Bell – Dance Academic and Teacher

An introduction to the ballet spectacle and an investigation into its unique style, form and structure. Learn how to 'read' dance by identifying the signs, symbols and actions that give dance its narrative and meaning.

Old tradition, New Tricks?

David McAllister – Artistic Director, The Australian Ballet
Natalie Weir – Artistic Director, Expressions Dance Company
Shaaron Boughen – Dance Critic

Why Ballet today? Investigating how choreographers keep heritage ballets fresh and exciting for modern audiences and exploring the choreographic process in retaining the integrity of original repertoire whilst developing a notable company style.

But I thought Ballet was French

Li Cunxin – Artistic Director, Queensland Ballet
Leo Schofield – Co-Producer, Bolshoi Ballet Season
Valerie Lawson – Freelance journalist and author

How Ballet came to Russia: its history, divergence, social and political context and the development of a distinct style, repertoire and training method.

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