Our Home Company Publicity Contacts

For all media enquiries regarding home company performances

All of QPAC’s Home Companies - Opera Queensland, Queensland Ballet, Queensland Symphony Orchestra and Queensland Theatre - have their own Public Relations representative. Please contact them directly for any enquiries relating to any of their performances, performers or staff.

Opera Queensland
Inga Tracey
Account Director, Aruga PR
T: 0409 625 842
E: inga@aruga.com.au

Queensland Ballet
Kendall Battley
Director of Internal and External Relations
T: 0401 739 159
E: kbattley@queenslandballet.com.au

Queensland Symphony Orchestra
Kath Rose
Kath Rose & Associates
T: (07) 3357 9054 or 0416 291 493
E: kath@kathrose.com

Queensland Theatre
Kath Rose
Kath Rose & Associates
T: (07) 3357 9054 or 0416 291 493