Queensland Performing Arts Centre presents

Talking Italian

In Conversation Series

2018 QPAC International Series

A mix of live and digital events, Talking Italian In Conversation Series dives into the ideas and relevance of Don Quixote and Giselle as well the deep impact of Italian culture in Australia.

Talking Italian brings together people from a range of fields including art, academia, design, psychiatry, politics, fashion, community and sport. Join us for live In Conversations in the second week of the season and online for our In Conversation filmed with special guests Virgilio Marino, Ludovico Carlo Camussi, Shirley Holloway, Dina Ranieri touring Brisbane in a rare 1964 Alfa Romeo 2600 Sprint

Join us for live In Conversations

Talking Italian
It’ll Give You the Wilis!

Join La Scala Ballet Company Director Maestro Frédéric Olivieri and former General Manager of The Australian Ballet and QPAC Guest Curator Ian McRae AM in conversation with Professor Susan Street AO on the allure of Giselle and why ballet lends itself as a form to tales of love, betrayal, death and the spirit world.

Thursday, 15 November 2018, 5:30pm
This event has now concluded.

Talking Italian
What Madness Is This?

In the 400 years since its publication, Don Quixote has been retold in fiction, film, song and of course ballet. Join La Scala Ballet Director Maestro Frédéric Olivieri, renowned psychiatrist Dr Daniele Viliunas and QPAC Scholar in Residence Professor Judith McLean in a discussion about the character of Don Quixote and how it is defined inside the ballet that will be presented on stage.

Saturday, 17 November 2018, 5:30pm
This event has now concluded.

Talking Italian – It’ll give you the Wilis!

  • Professor Sue Street AO
  • Maestro Frédéric Olivieri
  • Ian McRae AO
  • Host: Rebecca Lamoin, QPAC

Panellists discuss the allure of Giselle and why ballet lends itself to tales of love, betrayal, death and the spirit world.

Talking Italian – What madness is this?

  • Professor Judith McLean
  • Maestro Frédéric Olivieri
  • Dr Daniele Viliunas
  • Host: Rebecca Lamoin, QPAC

A discussion about the story of Don Quixote, its representation in ballet and fiction, and the relevance of its characters to today.

Talking Italian with Dina Ranieri

  • Host: Liz Buchanan
  • Guest: Dina Ranieri

Dina Ranieri is Italian born and a resident of Brisbane. She talks about the community organisation, co.as.it, and the services they provide to Italians living in Australia.

Talking Italian with Virgilio Marino

  • Host: Liz Buchanan
  • Guest: Virgilio Marino

Australian tenor, Virgilio Marino, has featured in many Italian opera love stories. Now he tells the story of how his own parents met.

Talking Italian with Shirley Holloway

  • Host: Liz Buchanan
  • Guest: Shirley Holloway

Owner of the Italian inspired BIFFI boutique, Shirley Holloway, talks about sourcing fashion direct from Italy and discusses the idea of "bella figura".

Talking Italian with Ludovico Carlo Camussi

  • Host: Liz Buchanan
  • Guest: Ludovico Carlo Camussi

Italian Consul in Brisbane, Ludovico Carlo Camussi, talks about Alfa Romeos, holidaying in Italy, and teaches a phrase of Italian.

Talking Italian – In Conversation

  • Host: Rebecca Lamoin, QPAC
  • Mrs Maria di Freda, Teatro alla Scala
  • Maestro Frédéric Olivieri, Teatro alla Scala
  • Mr John Kotzas, QPAC

Panellists discuss the significance of Teatro alla Scala and QPAC as cultural institutions, and both building's connection to the cultural life of their respective communities.

About Teatro alla Scala

The present day Ballet Company of Teatro alla Scala boasts a glorious past with roots dating back centuries to the 1778 inauguration of the world's most celebrated musical theatre.

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2018 QPAC International Series celebrates Italian culture and invites you to explore the stories, passions and people behind Teatro alla Scala’s first Australian season.