Queen’s City

Queen's City is a new ancestrally connected performance work led by writer and director Alethea Beetson. Currently in creative development, this programming constitutes part of Alethea's Doctorate of Creative Industries studies: a showcase performance of work in development, presentation of research and discussion. Alethea is undertaking her doctorate at Queensland University of Technology. 

Every city is nestled on top of an ancient watering hole, bursting with truths that have never been told. Queen’s City is no different to any other urban bustling spot in so-called Australia. Except in the heart of this city lies the 'Always Was' Karaoke Bar and Skating Rink. It is the only place in town where truth can be rewritten into the past.

QPAC is proud to support the ongoing development of Queen's City, working with Alethea Beetson and other First Nations creatives to bring our voices to the stages our way.

Meet Alethea Beetson    See Alethea Beetson's bio here

Queen’s City has been supported by Museum of Brisbane’s Artist in Residence program generously funded by Tim Fairfax AO.


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