An exhibition where fact and fiction become best friends

Keeping It Real is the work of museums. We collect and preserve objects, images and documents not as professional hoarders, but to share the true and tangible evidence of our collective past in ways that help us to understand the present and imagine the future.

This online exhibition sets out to provoke wonder, encouraging big ideas to flow from conversations about small things. Seven optimistic calls to action make unexpected connections between objects from the QPAC Museum collection.


What if you could share new and different stories for the objects you encounter – be they tall tales or true? Stories of people, stories of places, stories of “remember when...”. What would you imagine their stories to be? Add your stories via the exhibition website.

Such a unique way of creating stories! Joshua D. from Brisbane
Wonderful stories of the arts in Brisbane across many generations. Thanks for other people’s stories! Bette W. from Brisbane