The Crowd & I is a passion project that’s been brewing for over a decade as Richard Tognetti, director Nigel Jamieson and cinematographer Jon Frank contemplate the complexity of life on our densely populated planet.

Five million people are on the move every week; some by choice, many by circumstance. As humanity moves from a rural to urban existence, mass migration turns cities into metropolises and then into megalopolises, their boundaries blurring. The Earth comes to resemble a star, blazing with electric light. The Crowd & I contemplates this most extraordinary transformation in human history and the new ways in which we have come to live with one another, crowded together and separated from nature.

Richard Tognetti directs the Australian Chamber Orchestra (ACO) live on stage alongside striking imagery and footage captured from across the globe, including vast refugee camps, epic gatherings in the name of religion, and secular festivals where hedonism rules. Joy holds hands with sorrow. The Individual is inseparable from The Crowd. In the tradition of Mountain, The Reef and Luminous, The Crowd & I promises to be a life-changing experience.


Richard Tognetti – Creative Director & Violin
Jon Frank – Cinematography
Nigel Jamieson – Film & Staging Director
Australian Chamber Orchestra


Featuring music by Chopin, Ives, Shostakovich, Sibelius and Richard Tognetti.

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Presented by Australian Chamber Orchestra

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