Strategic Plan

The current QPAC strategic plan

Our strategic plan is a blueprint for how we go about achieving our vision and mission.

Around the world, 21st century performing arts centres function variously as performance houses, meeting places, community centres, national icons and vibrant sites of civic and cultural expression. As Queensland’s state performing arts centre and part of a vibrant South Bank precinct, QPAC is a place dedicated to the experience of live performance. QPAC fulfils many roles – a producer, an investor, a presenter, a venue and a public place.

On any given day, we simultaneously host artists and companies from around Australia and the world, we produce our own festivals and productions, we collaborate with local arts companies, we create moments of context that bridge the space between artist and audience.

In addition to being a place of live performance, QPAC is a meeting ground for people to connect with self, one another and the city’s cultural life. QPAC is a place to gather together, to express our creativity, to tell our stories and experience those of others. We strive to create value for our audiences and communities by contributing to our society’s cultural, social and intellectual development.

Queensland Performing Arts Trust – Strategic Plan 2020-2024 [PDF 102KB]

Queensland Performing Arts Trust – Strategic Plan 2019-2023 [PDF 102KB]