QPAC Youth Choir

Are you ready to make music?

The 160-voice QPAC Choir engages singers 18 years and older from the local community, bringing them together with imaginative repertoire while providing skill development and the chance to perform publicly.

The QPAC Choir is one of Queensland’s largest sustainable choirs and performs regularly at events throughout the year.


Music is one of the most powerful ways to bring people together to share stories and experiences, and also to expand our understanding and delight in the music of other cultures and communities.

The QPAC Choir's annual performance schedule includes the Spirit of Christmas concerts with the Queensland Symphony Orchestra. Throughout the year, the choir presents a range of exhilarating performances and collaborations in an ever-expanding range of styles and genres from choral masterworks, to pop and jazz standards; from Broadway showtunes to contemporary Australian choral compositions.

In 2019 the QPAC Choir celebrates its 10th Anniversary, so the time seems right to expand and offer the same participatory opportunities for younger choral singers.

The QPAC Youth Choir will offer secondary school students (Year 7 to Year 12) with a keen interest and vocal ability the opportunity to perform in a high quality choral group underpinned by QPAC’s already successful format.

Come along and be part of this exciting new QPAC initiative.

The QPAC Youth Choir 2019 schedule (subject to change) can be found here [PDF 140KB].

To get in touch with the QPAC Choir, please send an email to choir@qpac.com.au.