Leigh Sales and Annabel Crabb – cruelly grounded last year by COVID-19 – are back on stage and Brisbane is destination Number One! This is partly due to Sales’ status as Brisbane’s favourite daughter (back off, Quentin Bryce; Sales is Aspley State High School-trained in dispute resolution) and partly due to the reasonably-priced flights recently made available by the Federal Government.* Whatever the reason, the lovable bunglers from hit podcast Chat 10, Looks 3 have a wealth of book talk, tall tales and useless insight to offer, having saved up over months of enforced confinement to barracks in 2020.

Sales has promised to keep her Hamilton mentions to an absolute minimum, say 200. Crabb is not going to talk about sourdough once.

Absolutely guaranteed is a night of laughter and good company. A podcast reunion for friends who helped get each other through a tough year. Time to celebrate!

*A joke, obviously. Both will be travelling full-fare economy, though Crabb will be praying for an upgrade and extra pretzels.

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